Helping Native & Indigenous Youth Achieve Their Dreams

Purpose & Mission of Foundation: To encourage Native and Aboriginal youth in a positive way through her words and music.

2- Time GRAMMY nominated, 9-time NAMMY winner Jana Mashonee is very dedicated to helping Native youth in any way she can. Jana gives back to her Native community by helping others believe in themselves and their ability to achieve their goals. In her travels around the country, Jana has met with and listened to thousands of Native youth. Their strong support is what is making Jana's special work so successful.

Jana's Native Youth Motivational Presentation has become the most successful presentation of its kind in the country. Her unique blend of music, dance and motivational speaking is reaching young people everywhere.

Jana addresses the issues of cultural pride and identity, motivation and ambition, education, alcohol, tobacco and drug awareness. She proactively involves her audiences in this extraordinary interactive presentation. Music, lecture, questions, answers, and demonstrations are the main components of this educational, entertaining, and motivational program.

Jana's Kids raises funds to offer scholarships to American Indian and Aboriginal youth for academic, artistic, and athletic achievement (Triple "A") as part of the program's educational initiative.

It is Jana's mission to help provide our youth the resources to achieve their dreams.

(c) 2017 JANA'S KIDS, INC.

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(c) 2017 JANA'S KIDS, INC.